We would like to thank everyone that has supported 10 Projects so far! Although all of our supporters have not given monetarily, those of you that have shown moral support and individual support are a much needed part of our team.

Individual Donors (no particular order):

– Waleed Mufti
– Shirley Laird
– Karen Hill
– John Kennedy
– Jeff Enck
– Brian Fitzpatrick
– Rachel Swanson
– Jeni Gearheart
– Lanette Winterberger
– Justin Carlo

Organization and Event Donors:

– California University PGM Charity Golf Event (Spring 2011)
– WCAL Student Lock-In Charity Event (Spring 2011)

Other Special Thanks:

– Manolo Hernandez (10 Projects Logo Design)
– Courtney Winterberger (Final video assistance Project #2)


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